Links for K-12 Teachers and Their Students

Opportunities and resources for teachers

Mathematics Leadership Programs : professional development for K-8 teachers.

Tensor Grants for Women and Mathematics: The MAA awards grants for projects designed to encourage college and university women or high school and middle school girls to study mathematics. The MAA, on behalf of the Tensor Foundation, is soliciting college, university and secondary mathematics faculty (in conjunction with college or university faculty) and their departments and institutions to submit proposals. Possible projects include creating a math club for middle or high school girls, organizing a math day, developing a mentoring program, or organizing a summer program (see website for list of ideas).

AWM Teacher Partnership: The goal of this program is to link teachers of mathematics in schools, museums, technical institutes, two-year colleges, and universities with other teachers working in an environment different from their own and with mathematicians working in business, government, and industry.

MAA resources for high school teachers

NIMBioS Programs for Pre-College Students and Teachers (connecting mathematics and biology)

Guide on encouraging girls in math and science: “This Practice Guide is the second in a series of IES guides in education. Developed by a panel of experts, this guide brings together the best available evidence and expertise to provide educators with specific and coherent evidence-based recommendations on how to encourage girls in the fields of math and science. The objective is to provide teachers with specific recommendations that can be carried out in the classroom without requiring systemic change. Other school personnel having direct contact with students, such as coaches, counselors, and principals may also find the guide useful. The guide offers five recommendations and indicates the quality of the evidence that supports the recommendations. Together, the recommendations make a coherent statement: To encourage girls in math and science, educators need to strengthen girls’ beliefs about their abilities in math and science, spark and maintain greater interest in these subject areas, and build associated skills.”

Opportunities and resources for K-12 girls

The Women & Mathematics Network has a great listing of programs for middle school and high school students.

All-Girls Math Camp (at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Girls’ Angle Bulletin (bimonthly math magazine)

Joaquin Bustoz Math-Science Honors Program (an intense academic program that provides motivated students an opportunity to begin university mathematics and science studies before graduating from high school, aimed at students who are underrepresented in the mathematics and science fields; at Arizona State University)

MISS (to improve math skills of middle and high school girls; at California State-Fullerton)