Information about women in the profession

Leaky pipeline for women in mathematical careers

Undergraduate math majors: 43% are women
New PhDs in math: 28% are women
Postdocs in math: 21% are women
Tenured math faculty at PhD-granting universities: 12% are women
AMS prizes awarded at JMM 2014: 0% given to women

From AWM President Ruth Charney’s column in the Sept-Oct 2014 AWM Newsletter.

Data on women in mathematics and statistics

In 2011-12, 31% of new PhD’s in the mathematical sciences were women (compared to 32% in 2010-11; this number has fluctuated around 30% for over a decade). Similarly, 31% of new PhD’s hired into academic positions were women, while only 25% of those hired into postdocs were women. The U.S. unemployment rate for new female PhD’s in math was 7.4%, compared to 6.7% for men. (Source: 2012 Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences in the U.S.)


Looking farther down the academic pipeline, only about 12% of tenured faculty at doctoral institutions are women, while around 29% of full-time faculty are women, combined across all institution types, according to the 2012-13 Departmental Profile Report.

Salary disparities continue, with women faculty earning on average about 81-83% what men do on average across academic institutions. According to the NEA Higher Education Advocate (March 2014), women faculty at private doctoral institutions had an average salary of $81,293 compared to $103,591 for men in 2012-13. The situation is still inequitable but less so at liberal art institutions, with women faculty earning around 90% what men do.